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Few months back, I use to spend lot of hours in studying due to some projects, my teacher gave me. I also used to work on laptop for hours which resulted a formation of dark circles around my eyes. My friends told me about RVTL by Phoenix labs. I have a sensitive skin so I need to know each and every ingredient to make sure that there would be no reaction after using it. I called customer support of Phoenix labs to discuss about my skin problem. She told me that I have to use little amount of RVTL cream. She also explained me that little amount would be enough to make RVTL work.

I have seems some reviews on and placed my order through a website based on 14 days trial. I have applied little amount of RVTL and I was happy to see no reactions. I happily added this product by Phoenix labs into my daily routine. My eyes are beautiful once again and I want to know is there anybody who used RVTL and like to review???